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Lunchtime Poll Topic

Lunchtime Poll Topic-Victor/Victoria

Lunchtime Poll Topic

Lunchtime Poll Topic-Victor/Victoria

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Bitter Orange
For the women: what are your most masculine traits?

For the men: what are your most feminine traits?

Mine...I don't really like chick flicks. Soap Operas and Oprah make me want to vomit. I'd rather drink beer and watch movies with people blowing up and gratuitous sex. Also I seem to relate better to guys than women, unless they are women similar to me.
  • Sorry, I've got nothing.
  • I also hate chick flicks. I love football with intense passion. I am not good at sharing my emotions. I can be shower and be ready to walk out the door in 15 minutes or less.
  • hate shopping, love f1 racing, don't like the girly chick-flix, and i think about eating...a lot *l*
  • I'm with you on chick flicks and Oprah.

    I have unusually wide feet and often wear men's shoes. I have a terribly flat butt, short waist and square hips so I often wear men's jeans.

    I love to watch football and can throw a spiral pass and tackle someone without hurting myself.

    I can change my own tire, oil and spark plugs.

    I have training in how to shoot a gun (.22, .45 and a shotgun), hang drywall and texture walls...

    I'm good at twitch games like Unreal, Quake and Half-life.

    I'm not feeling very she-ish now. Oh yeah. I have boobies. Yay me.
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