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Lunchtime Poll Topic

Lunchtime Poll Topic-Do Not Call List

Lunchtime Poll Topic

Lunchtime Poll Topic-Do Not Call List

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Bitter Orange
What is the most amusing way to get rid of an unwanted caller?
  • I'm a big fan of saying "Hold on, I'll get her/him" and then leaving the phone off the hook for an hour.
  • "According to -insert legal act here, I have a list depending on the unwanted caller- you are not allowed to contact me on my cell phone. If you do so again I will take legal action."
  • i usually say i've already given whether they want money, or want me to buy something.
  • g says that i should come up with better answers, so i told him that he needed to answer them. so i'll email them to him at work, and if email is working there, and he chooses to answer, then i'll post his answers. starting today *lol*

    Keep saying "Lunch Meat" over and over again.
  • A good one would be to put them on hold, put the phone near a computer speaker, and go to Hamsterdance.com and let it play. Over and over and over.
  • Here's ones that have already happened:

    My father, picked up the phone.. apparently it was a life insurance call:

    "So you're telling me there's no way on Earth I can be turned down, no matter what, and no health check?"

    apparently, she confirmed.

    "Oh, that's the best news I've heard since I found out that I have AIDS."

    she apparently hung up so fast it hurt my dads ear. ::snicker::

    And mine:

    I was desperately trying to tell my father that I was pregnant. I sat him down at the table, started the speech and was interrupted SEVERAL times by our (at the time) hectic and needing family plus 2 other phone calls.

    Then the third phone call came in, this time I snatched the phone up and answered it.


    My dad snickered at my frustration. "Hello ma'am, I am so and so from (another phone company) would you be interested in switching over to our long distance provide with such and such savings?"

    "NO! We don't have phones, we're ammish!!"

    "..... what?" I hung up then to my dad laughing at the ludicrous statement.
  • "que?"


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